What is Your Hospice Lottery?

  • Your Hospice Lottery is a weekly lottery draw dedicated to raising funds to support hospice care and in doing so makes a difference to the lives of people affected by life limiting illnesses in the communities served by our hospice beneficiaries.
  • St Helena, a hospice charity based in Colchester wholly owns and administers the lottery and is working with other hospices to raise funds to support people in need of hospice services. 65% of lottery income goes towards hospice care. Please click the Hospices tab to find out about the hospices we support. Members of Your Hospice Lottery choose which hospice they wish to play in support of when they join. By the hospices working together, overheads and costs are kept to a minimum so more funds can be used to support patients and their families.
  • Promoter: St Helena Hospice trading as Your Hospice Lottery. St Helena Hospice is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales Number 01511841. Registered Charity Number 280919. Registered Office: Myland Hall, Barncroft Close, Highwoods, Colchester CO4 9JU.
  • Licensed by the Gambling Commission Number 000-004685-N-306842-006

How do I check if a Your Hospice Lottery representative is genuine?

  • Representatives of Your Hospice Lottery go out to events and retail premises and call on householders in the communities served by the hospices we support, to raise awareness about our hospice fundraising lottery.
  • Please click the Team tab to view photographs of our representatives.
  • All our representatives will have official identification on them - please ask to see this and ask any questions you may have. You can also contact the Your Hospice Lottery office on 0800 285 1390 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

How do I cancel a membership?

  • We are sorry to see you go and would like to thank you for your support. Simply fill in our online form or contact us. We will process your cancellation quickly and promise we won’t try to change your mind.
  • Please note that if you pay by standing order you will also need to contact your bank or building society to notify them that you wish to stop payment to us.

What happens to my membership should I cancel if I pay via a monthly payment?

  • Once you cancel your membership all monies will be used as entries into the draw until this amount becomes zero. For those who pay their membership via a monthly payment this will mean that you will have a pence amount left which unfortunately will not be enough for a complete £1 stake in the lottery draw. Any pence amount that remains after ten weeks will be treated as a general donation to the good cause that a supporter was playing in support of.

How do I make a complaint?

We are sorry you have cause to complain. Please contact us and we will help in any way we can to resolve your complaint quickly. All complaints and disputes will be dealt with in accordance with our complaints policy, a copy of which is available at the Lottery Office. In the event a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved, it will be referred to arbitration. As we are a member of the Hospice Lotteries Association, complaints will be referred to Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Where does my money go?

From your very first entry into our weekly prize draw you will be making a difference to people with life limiting conditions and their loved ones. Please view where your money goes for information.

Can I play more than one number?

Yes. Each number you play costs £1 per week.

Can I split my membership over several hospices?

No, sorry. You can, however, play more than one number and dedicate each to a different hospice.

What is my membership number?

This is the same as your unique six digit lottery number which is printed on your welcome letter. If you would like a reminder of your number, please contact us.

How do I check if I’ve won?

Our Results tab has the latest information and posters are displayed at hospice locations. But you don’t need to remember to check your number(s) as we will send out prize cheques to winning members soon after each weekly draw takes place.

How does the rollover work?

  • In addition to the weekly prize draw with 136 guaranteed prizes, we run a rollover draw with a jackpot of £250 which is not guaranteed to be won every week.
  • The rollover prize has a 5% chance of being won, and if not won, rolls over by £250 each week, up to a maximum of £10,000, at which point it must be won.
  • Should this prize reach the £10,000 mark, then within our software system, Your Hospice Lottery has the ability to set the probability of winning this prize to 100%.

What do I do if I win a prize?

Nothing! We send out winning cheques shortly after each draw takes place. Please contact us to let us know your new address if you move home.

If I win do I have to take part in publicity?

No. We do like to feature the stories of some of our members on our website, social media and sometimes in the media to encourage other people to help us raise money for hospice care, but there is no pressure to do this at all. If you would like to feature please do contact us.

How do I become a member?

Click the play tab to join online by direct debit, credit/debit card or contact us to pay over the telephone.

Can I choose my number?

No, sorry. Your six digit lottery membership number is unique to you, which means if you win a prize, you do not need to share it with other members.

What happens after I join?

  • Your payment will be processed as soon as possible and then you will be entered into the next available draw; this can take up to two weeks and if you are paying by direct debit it may take a little longer before we take your first payment.
  • If you have signed up for direct debit payment we will write to you to notify you when your first payment will be taken. Payment will continue to be paid from your bank account on your behalf until you notify us differently.
  • We will post your Welcome Pack and unique six digit lottery membership number to you within ten working days.
  • If you pay by cheque, credit or debit card or cash, we will write to you when this is due for renewal. You can also renew online.
  • You may only hear specifically from the Your Hospice Lottery office once or twice a year to keep costs down – unless we are sending you a winner’s cheque!
  • To help keep costs down please do contact us to be added to our email list.

Can I buy a single ticket?

Unfortunately at this time single tickets are not available. By choosing one of the regular payment options you will be providing a valuable income for the hospice you choose to play in support of.

Can I set up a syndicate?

Yes, there are several ways you can do this. Please contact us for more information.

How will my personal data be used?

Please click here to read our data protection policy.

Who can become a Your Hospice Lottery member?

People aged 16 or over and a resident of Great Britain can become a member, including staff, volunteers and supporters of our hospice partners. Please read the full terms and conditions.

How else can I support a hospice?

Your Hospice Lottery is just one way to raise money to support your hospice; please visit the Hospices tab for external links to each hospice’s own website for information on other ways to help.

How do I self-exclude from Your Hospice Lottery?

Please visit www.gamcare.org.uk for responsible gambling support and read our commitment to responsible gambling.

Logo: you must be 16 or over to play You must be 16 or over to play Your Hospice Lottery. Please play responsibly. Responsible gambling support: www.begambleaware.org

Your Hospice Lottery is wholly owned by St Helena Hospice and is working with other hospices to raise funds to support people in need of hospice services. Promoter: St Helena Hospice trading as Your Hospice Lottery. Licensed by the Gambling Commission Number 000-004685-N-306842-006 www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk. St Helena Hospice is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales Number 01511841. Registered Charity Number 280919. Registered Office: Myland Hall, Barncroft Close, Highwoods, Colchester CO4 9JU. Your Hospice Lottery Office: 6 The Atrium, Phoenix Square, Wyncolls Road, Colchester, CO4 9AS.

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