Self – Exclusion

Please read our Self Exclusion Information here.

Your Hospice Lottery and our partners are aware that lottery members, for personal reasons, may wish to exclude themselves from Your Hospice Lottery. We can assist members to do this at any time, all you need to do is complete the form below and click ‘send’ or email us with your name and address details at

Once you have submitted this form, a member of the Lottery team will then contact you confidentially and discreetly, without the need to discuss the reason for self-exclusion, to explain our procedure and seek your final authorisation. Members wishing to exclude themselves from Your Hospice Lottery will be unable to re-join or receive any correspondence from the Lottery Office for a period of at least six months, during which time it will not be possible for the account(s) to be re-opened for any reason.

All accounts under the players name will have the self-exclusion applied to them.

If you are currently paying by standing order you will also need to contact your bank and cancel your subscription immediately. Any monies outstanding on your lottery membership account will be refunded to you.

Please note this is not a cancellation form, if you wish to simply cancel your membership, but not self-exclude, please do so here.

Please play responsibly. Your Hospice Lottery imposes a limit on the number of entries into our lottery that can be purchased by an individual. If you are worried about online Gambling, site blockers are available to download.  We will provide any player with a 3 year history of their lottery membership, including complete payment and winnings history, upon request.