Thank you to everyone who plays the lottery with us in support of your chosen hospice, we think you are amazing!
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50th celebrations

Wisdom supporter scoops fundraising lottery jackpot

A lucky supporter of The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice will be celebrating her 50th birthday in style after a surprise win of £1,000 in the Your Hospice Lottery fundraising draw.

Michaela Cheesman was delighted to receive a call to say she had won the jackpot. She said: ‘I was shocked, really shocked and that was it; I was in a bubble for the rest of the day! I still feel like that actually, I still feel really excited.

‘I’m going to be 50 this year so my husband and I are going to have a weekend away, I’m going to treat my two daughters and I’m going to make sure I buy something special with it as well.

‘I’ve supported the Wisdom Hospice for many years at their fayres and I donated at Christmas, and last year I did their 10k evening walk – I just decided it was a good cause.’

Each week in the Your Hospice Lottery draw there are 111 prizes ranging from £10 to £1,000 guaranteed to be won. There is also a chance to win a rollover jackpot, which if not won goes up by £250 each week (up to a maximum of £10,000).

Martyn Reeves, Chief Executive of The Friends, said: ‘We are thrilled for Mrs Cheesman and wish her a very happy birthday!

‘Already over 1,000 numbers are being played in support of The Friends since the charity joined the lottery partnership in September 2015. This is the first time one of our supporters has won the top prize, which makes this win even more exciting. It’s an easy way to support The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice – and you could win too, as Mrs Cheesman found out!

‘We need to raise £600,000 every year to support The Wisdom Hospice in giving the best care possible for people in need of hospice care and to support their loved ones. Playing our lottery is just one way people can support us.’