• In 2015, 218 volunteers supported Noah’s Ark in a wide range of roles

The charity is reliant on volunteers, who provide care and support to Noah’s Ark families in their homes and at events as well as help run the Noah’s Ark office, shops and assist with fundraising.

  • Volunteers provided an amazing 19,468 hours of support

Among the attendees was Jeff, who has been volunteering for Noah’s Ark since September 2014. Jeff provides weekly support in the Noah’s Ark office and regularly helps out at events for Noah’s Ark children and their siblings.

Jeff and his wife Lin used to help care for their ill grandchild, who sadly died seven years ago, and they have first-hand knowledge of how hard it can be for families with children with life threatening illnesses. Jeff said: “I wish we had known about Noah’s Ark back then. I love every minute of working here.”

  • Volunteers gave more than 9,000 hours in retailing

Volunteers at Noah’s Ark bring with them a vast range of skills and experience that are invaluable to the charity. Debra and her husband Darren ran their own business for years. Now retired, Debra comes into the office twice a week, contacting businesses and individuals and asking them to provide goods and services needed by the charity. That could be anything from food and catering for family events to rolls of turf for the open areas of the site for the planned hospice.

Debra said: “I think having a background in personnel helps when you are approaching people and asking them for things. I really enjoy what I do at Noah’s Ark.”

  • Nearly 3,000 hours of volunteers directly supporting families


Tony is one of the newest recruits to Noah’s Ark. He came on board directly as a result of Noah’s Ark partnership with Tottenham Football Club.

“I was sitting in my usual seat at Tottenham when they announced the tie-in with Noah’s Ark,” said Tony. “I knew I wanted to get involved.”

Tony offered his services in any way needed, thinking he might be asked to help fund raising. After chatting with the volunteer team at Noah’s Ark he’s now training to provide home support, regularly going round to Noah’s Ark families and helping with household chores.  

Tony said: “I hadn’t considered I’d be working directly with families. It’s daunting but I’m looking forward to it.”

  •  In 2015 our donors raised £1.36 million

The event was also open to the donors who support Noah’s Ark.