Thank you to everyone who plays the lottery with us in support of your chosen hospice, we think you are amazing!
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Thanks a million!

Loyal Your Hospice Lottery players raise £1 million for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity

Supporters pledging £1 per week to Arthur Rank Hospice’s Your Hospice Lottery have now raised over £1 million!! Every penny of the £1,000,848.50 raised to date (Friday 5 October 2018) goes towards funding the Hospice’s essential care and support, which is provided free of charge to patients living with a life-limiting illness in Cambridgeshire.

Friday’s draw, which took place at Midday, was the 385th since Arthur Rank Hospice launched its weekly lottery draw with Your Hospice Lottery on 27 May 2011. The backing received from the local community has been overwhelming, with more than 8000 numbers now played each week in support of Arthur Rank Hospice. Since the beginning of the year, the grand total raised has been climbing by around £4,000 a week. This regular income is making an important and – most significantly – regular, contribution to funding, ultimately benefitting patients and their loved ones through the Hospice’s all-encompassing range of services.

Lynn Morgan, CEO of Arthur Rank Hospice, comments:
“It’s been wonderful to know that we have a steady income from the lottery and this helps us with planning our services. We also like the fact that the administration costs are still going to hospice care, because Your Hospice Lottery is administrated by St Helena’s Hospice in Colchester.  It would be our dream to expand the number of people playing, as this would have a very direct impact on our care: we could for example use such funds to recruit another nurse for Hospice at Home.  Just £1 a week is a contribution many people can commit to and what better way to spend a £1?” 

Your Hospice Lottery is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to provide long term support to the Hospice, costing players just £1 per play, each week (£4.34 per month). On top of the ‘feel good’ factor, players are in with a chance of winning one of 136 guaranteed prizes, ranging from £10 to £1,000 each week. There is also a weekly draw for a rollover jackpot, which increases by £250 each week up to a maximum prize of £10,000: with no less than two Your Hospice Lottery winners claiming the £10,000 rollover in the last 9 months!!

Twelve hospices are now part of Your Hospice Lottery, each encouraging their local community to play in support of their respective local hospice. Over the past seven years, the lottery has generated 7012 winners amongst Arthur Rank Hospice’s players, including 74 claiming the top prize of £1,000, equating to a grand total of £168,645 in prize money.

Alex Howe, Head of Lottery at Your Hospice Lottery, adds:
“Seven years ago – in a bid to keep costs down and increase the amount of funds that can be given back to hospice care – we took the opportunity to take our lottery to the next level and extend our services into Cambridgeshire, in partnership with Arthur Rank Hospice Charity. Thanks to the loyal support and generosity of thousands of their supporters we are thrilled to now be celebrating £1 million raised. Long may this amazing support continue! Thank you to every one of those Your Hospice Lottery players: you are helping make every moment count for patients and their families.”

Arthur Rank Hospice supports more than 3600 patients living with a life-limiting illness and those who need end-of-life care in Cambridgeshire, each year. As a charity, the Hospice needs to secure £8.1 million every year to deliver its services free of charge to patients and their loved ones.  Only about half of this currently comes from statutory sources, so the Charity remains hugely grateful to the local community, which contributes the remainder and whose support is critical in helping make every moment count.

If you would like to play Your Hospice Lottery for Arthur Rank Hospice CLICK HERE to sign up – or call Your Hospice Lottery direct on 0800 285 1390. Alternatively, visitors to Arthur Rank Hospice can now sign up in person in the Hospice’s Bistro, thanks to a wall-mounted tablet which allows supporters to input their details securely. Lottery players must be 16 or over.

Thanks to That’s Cambridge TV and reporter Charlotte Racher, who put together this report which was aired on Wednesday 17 October: