A supporter of Salisbury Hospice Charity was over the moon to find a surprise cheque for £4,250 in the post recently, thanks to winning the rollover jackpot in Your Hospice Lottery’s weekly draw.

David Houghton from Salisbury found the bonus cheque from his win on Friday 18 September, waiting for him when he returned from a family trip to Scotland. He said: ‘It’s lovely to get a windfall out the blue. I’ll treat the kids or something I expect; I’ve got over 30 grandchildren all told. Family is really important.

‘I pay [for the lottery] by direct debit and I forgot all about it; I never check it. When I got the cheque I thought well, that’s nice!’

Since the partnership between Salisbury Hospice Charity and Your Hospice Lottery began in February 2014, there have been 923 prize winners from Salisbury and the surrounding areas, including 18 winners of £1,000 (10 this year).

Overall 902 people playing in support of Salisbury Hospice Charity have won smaller prizes ranging from £10 to £100, and two people in addition to Mr Houghton have won rollover jackpots of £250 and £500.