Sue Cooper from Rochester is the latest lottery player supporting Friends of the Wisdom Hospice to win the top £1,000 prize but she very nearly threw her cheque away!

We invited Mrs Cooper and her husband to the hospice to celebrate their win and thank them for their support. Speaking of receiving the cheque in the post unexpectedly, Sue said: “At first I just thought it was junk mail. Then I saw it had my personal details on the address. I had a second look, opened the envelope and found the cheque inside. I still could not believe it was real – I still can’t believe it!”

The win is rather good timing as Mr and Mrs Cooper will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year. Sue added: “I will spend it on a few treats and maybe a trip away to help us celebrate. I am not generally a lucky person, but I feel so lucky to have one this prize which I am sure will give us a lot of fun.”

Sue Cooper first joined the lottery in September 2015 after receiving a knock at the door by a Your Hospice Lottery fundraiser: “I recognised the purple tabard and knew who he was raising money for. I play several charity lotteries supporting the charities that I believe do the most good. After my neighbour’s experience with the Wisdom hospice I knew it was a worthy cause so I was happy to support it.”

“There is so much choice of charities to support in this country, I like to support those charities that help support our community. I first noticed and supported The Friends when I voted for them with my green disk when I saw their name at John Lewis at Bluewater. I was happy top cast my vote for them then and am very pleased to be supporting them now. I now know how my support is helping the patients of the hospice, The Friends are a great charity it’s an easy decision to support them.”