Special Christmas trees will be lit up in honour of loved ones remembered by their bereaved families and friends at Cynthia Spencer Hospice’s Tree of Love services at the Cathedral in Barrack Road on 9 and 11 December. 

For the past 19 years Earl Spencer, Patron of Cynthia Spencer Hospice, has kindly donated a selection of Christmas trees for the occassion. The trees are decorated with hundreds of lights and people are invited to donate a light in memory of a loved one.

This year three trees will be held at the cathedral and one at the Hospice, and each will remain in place until Twelfth Night. The moving celebration raises around £14,000 each year going towards helping the Hospice care for patients.

To dedicate a light in memory of a loved one this Christmas please contact the Cynthia Spencer Fundraising Office on 01604 678082 to request a dedication form.