It’s not only the hospice that wins with Your Hospice Lottery, as Friends of the Wisdom supporter Rachel Selves found out when she won £1,000 in the Christmas 2017 draw!

Rachel said: “A few days after Christmas, I received an envelope through the post with `hospice lottery` stamped on the front. I began donating a small monthly sum to the hospice lottery a couple of years ago but never really gave any thought to winning anything, as I was happy to donate to such a worthwhile cause.

I was absolutely delighted to open the envelope and find inside a letter to tell me that I was the lucky person to win a prize in the December draw and a cheque enclosed for one thousand pounds! I was thrilled with such an unexpected win and have plans to use the money for a holiday later in the year.

I would definitely encourage others to sign up and donate a small amount each month, as this makes such a valuable contribution to the amazing work that the hospice and their dedicated staff do and you never know, you may be a lucky winner like me. It has certainly reminded me how fortunate we are to have the amazing support and care that the hospice offers.

Thank you to all involved in organising the lottery and I sincerely hope that others will be encouraged to join.”