We recently paid a visit to Victoria Wicks, one of our longest supporting players of Your Hospice Lottery and a top prize winner to share her story.

Victoria first joined in 2003 after receiving a knock at the door from one of our fundraisers. She said: “I had heard of St Helena Hospice but did not really know a lot about it. My Auntie was very ill with cancer and my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer and you never know when you or a loved one might need to use the hospice. So, for £1 per week, it’s worth it!” 

Victoria continues, “I’d only been in the lottery for about a month when I got home from work to find a voicemail from a member of the lottery team asking to call them back. When I spoke to them they said I was their highest prize winner and had won the top prize of £1,000. I was really chuffed!”

As a long term supporter of the lottery, having been playing for 14 years, when asked what inspires her to keep playing, Mrs Wicks, said: “£1 per week is nothing. If you had a £1 in your purse you would buy all sorts of things in the shop. This way it’s going towards the hospice and helping people with terminal illnesses. It’s just great to help a good cause and know that just maybe there might be a prize at the end of it.“

“If you’ve got £1 per week in your purse don’t waste it! Put it towards Your Hospice Lottery where you could win loads of cash prizes. I won £1,000, so could you!”