A Christmas Miracle

Christmas Win 01

A Big Win Just in Time for Christmas

Can you imagine the feeling of winning the lottery?

Now, can you imagine the feeling of winning the lottery just two days before Christmas? What a fantastic way to begin the festivities.

Christmas celebration

Double Whammy

Well, this is what happened for not one, but two of our lottery rollover prizes on the Friday before Christmas Day!

Your Hospice Lottery and make a smile lottery are weekly lotteries, both operated by St Helena Hospice. A charity working with other charities to raise vital funds. On Friday 23rd December, the weekly rollover prizes reached a massive £5,000 for Your Hospice Lottery, and a whopping £9,000 for make a smile lottery!

To our absolute astonishment, it was announced that both rollover prizes had been won on the same day. Something that has never happened before in the history of both lotteries.

Vital Support

  The cost of living crisis is leading to more people relying on charity support to survive, however hospice charities also need to manage their own increasing bills due to rising inflation. Nearly one in five charities are warning that they will have to cut services and staff in the next few months because of rising energy costs, according to a survey by the charity thinktank Pro Bono Economics.

Give back at Christmas

Charities rely on the support of loyal lottery players to ensure they receive regular funding from monthly direct debits.

Small yet regular donations will allow hospices to carry on their essential work locally for 2023.

Playing the lottery is a great way to give back on a regular basis. Not only will you have the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something selfless, but you will also have the chance to win big just like our huge rollover winners.

That could be you! 


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