A Meaningful Christmas: 10 Ways to Give Back to Hospice Care

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As the festive season approaches, the spirit of giving becomes even more poignant. This Christmas let's shift our focus from extravagant presents to making a real difference in the lives of those in need it most.

This Christmas could be some hospices last. Hospice UK have reported that 96% of their members are planning a deficit by the end of next year. The combined total is a staggering £186 million. This means that without our help, the hospices that have been there for our loved ones, at their hour of need, are at risk of not being tomorrow.

But there are things you can do to help. Here are 10 ways to support hospice care this Christmas, making the season brighter for those facing the end of life. Helping them make sure this won’t be their last.

1.      Donate Directly to your Local Hospice:

Consider making a direct donation to your local hospice. Every pound contributes to providing essential care, comfort, and support for individuals and families during their most challenging times. Allowing people to die in dignity, in the way they choose.

Hand giving a heart to represent donating to charity


2.      Sponsor a Hospice Nurse or Staff Member:

Extend your gratitude to the dedicated hospice staff by sponsoring a nurse or staff member. Your contribution can help alleviate their financial burden and show appreciation for their tireless efforts. Working in the hospice can be emotionally challenging, so your gratitude helps staff morale.

Hospice nurses standing next to Christmas tree


3.      Host a Fundraising Event:

Get creative and organise a festive fundraising event in your community. From charity walks to bake sales, there are countless ways to raise funds and awareness for hospice care. Encourage friends and family to join in and make it a memorable experience.

Nurse Matron by the hospice Christmas tree


4.      Volunteer Your Time:

Your time is a precious gift. Consider volunteering at a local hospice facility, offering companionship, running errands, or assisting with administrative tasks. Your presence can bring comfort and warmth to those facing difficult moments.

People volunteering at a donation centre

5.      Sponsor a Room or Facility Upgrade:

Many hospice facilities need essential upgrades. Consider sponsoring a room renovation or contributing to the improvement of common areas, ensuring that hospice patients and their families have a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Health Care Assistant standing in a patients bed on the In-Patient Unit


6.      Organise a Gift Drive:

Create a gift drive to collect essential items for hospice patients and their families. Warm blankets, cozy socks, or thoughtful gift baskets can make a significant impact during the festive season.

Family running a gift drive


7.      Support Hospice Shops:

Many hospices operate charity shops that contribute to their funding. Instead of purchasing gifts from mainstream stores, explore the unique finds in hospice shops. Your purchases directly support hospice care and are a kind to the planet. Even donating your unwanted items is a great way to give back and be environmentally friendly.

Donating unwanted items to a charity shop


8.      Create Handmade Gifts for Patients:

Tap into your creative side and craft handmade gifts for hospice patients. Personalised items, such as blankets, cards, or ornaments, can bring joy and comfort during a challenging time.

Handmade Christmas gift


9.      Spread Awareness on Social Media:

Use your online presence to spread awareness about the challenges faced by hospice care. Share informative posts, stories of resilience, and calls to action to encourage your friends and followers to join in supporting this critical cause.

Nurses holding a tinsel behind a light up Reindeer


10.  Play Your Hospice Lottery:

Support hospice care by playing Your Hospice Lottery for only £1 per week. Playing the lottery every week not only adds excitement to your weekly routine, but also contributes directly to the funding needed to sustain and enhance hospice services in your community. This regular contribution gives them an income they can rely on. Something this is essential with the current economic climate.

Nurse on the phone helping a patient


Give Back This Christmas

This Christmas, let's embrace the true spirit of the season by giving back to those who need it most. By focusing on charitable acts and supporting hospice care, we can make a lasting impact and create a holiday season filled with compassion, warmth, and love.


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