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A Passion for Vintage Fashion

Do you love vintage clothing?

Taking something historic and giving it a brand new lease of life. Not only being able to create a unique look, but having something that is dynamic and stylish whilst being kind to the planet.

Reduce reuse recycle vintage clothing

Introducing Bestdays Vintage

Bestdays is a vintage clothing store based in Colchester that was founded by Steve and Jez.

Steve and Jez have been friends for more years than they care to remember. Having met at university, where trying and subsequently failing to become rock stars, they ended up working at Rokit, helping to make it London’s biggest vintage chain. After 10 years of managing these stores across London, they branched out alone. Their Colchester based store in Eld Lane offers a feast of affordable, one-off clothing and accessories from the 60’s to 90’s.

Bestdays Vintage clothing shop

Feel good clothing that makes a difference

Not only does buying vintage clothing help you to stay sustainable in this world, but it also helps you to stand out in a crowd.

Their Vintage clothing, and feel-good prints aren’t available in the mainstream fast fashion outlets, so buying their products will keep your wardrobe exclusive.

It’s a great way to feel good about how you buy your clothing.

Sustainable vintage clothing

Quick to listen, slow to speak

They understand that life can be challenging, and feeling under pressure at work, in education or on social media is becoming a bigger problem all the time. Their store in Colchester, Essex is a place that’s non-judgmental.  Where listening to what you say is a priority, and positive encouragement for your dreams is absolutely part of the day.

It’s really important to them that you feel more positive about life when you leave the shop than when you came in.

Is this a club that you would want to be part of?

Vintage clothing mannequins

What can they do for you?

They ask – every day they ask, ‘how can this business help someone today’.

They listen – they engage with your story and listen to what you have to say.

They improve – they want your feedback on how to improve their space and how they can be more inclusive.

The gift that keeps on giving

Bestdays are so much more than a vintage clothes shop. It is a place to be your best self. See below the list of different events and perks on offer:

In-store gigs – giving you a place to see great live music, be yourself and meet like-minded people.

Failed Rockstar club podcast – a weekly free podcast that gives you knowledge, stories, interviews and community.

Safe Space Café – a place to come hangout, listen to music, play games, have a coffee and be part of the club.

Meditation/yoga events –   Help your body and mind.

An events venue  – Would you like to do something positive for the community?  They can offer their space to use.

Positive Social media – Their platforms are there to give you value.  Interviews, Songs, behind the scenes, and first dibs on new products.

Happy women vintage shopping

A lottery benefit

If you like what you have just read, then we have some even better news for you. As one of our regular lottery players you can get access to an incredible discount at Bestdays Vinatage with your Play and Save Reward Card.

Steve and Jez of Bestdays joined the Play and Save Reward Scheme way back in January 2021 and have been offering a fantastic discount ever since.

So you can feel even better about buying clothes that are kind to the planet. As you are getting a great discount with your lottery membership that is helping raise funds for your chosen charity.

Find out what you could save here.




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