Charity Shop Challenge

Charity Shop Challenge

A Small Step in the Right Direction

Here at Your Hospice Lottery, we really care about the environment!

We are constantly hearing about the state of the planet and that if we don’t make a change there will be catastrophic consequences. With crazy weather due to the warming climate and rising sea levels, it can feel a little overwhelming. Sometimes it can be better to focus on small tasks. To take things one step and a time, rather than focusing on the bigger picture.

So, as a team we asked ourselves a question; how can we do our bit to make a difference?

Making a Difference

We decided that we would set ourselves a challenge. To come to our work social in clothes that have been bought in a charity shop. To showcase that you can still be stylish when you reuse! Charity shops are a fantastic way to give yourself a wardrobe refresh, without harming the planet. Something that is old and boring to someone, is fresh and new to another!

Charity Shop Challenge

The team headed out to their local charity shops in time for their work social and came back armed with goodies. The results of the challenge were absolutely fabulous. See below for the incredible outfits styled by the fantastic lottery team.

James wearing a navy blazer, striped jumper and chinos.

Yulia wearing a boho printed top with trousers.

Gemma wearing a blazer with white top and side stripe trousers.

Jill wearing a printed wrap dress with a teal coat.

Danielle wearing a printed wrap dress.

Lauren wearing a printed shirt dress with a waist belt.

Sarah wearing a floral printed top with trousers.

Hannah wearing a sleeved, printed dress.

Shelley wearing a bright, printed dress.

It is clear to see that you do not need to buy brand new to look and feel amazing. The team have showcased some brilliant outfit choices. They have not only gone green by shopping in a charity shop, they have also helped raise vital funds for the charity too.

Why not join the challenge and see what bargains you can find in your local charity shop?


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