Fran’s Personal Journey of Compassion

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As Fran left St Helena Hospice after visiting her mum, a sign caught her eye - an invitation to play Your Hospice Lottery. The concept struck her as a brilliant idea to provide consistent support to the hospice, ensuring a steady income to continue their incredible work.

“I’m happy to put money in the donation box but playing the lottery means the hospice gets consistent income, so I thought that was a great idea for a great cause.”

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Making every moment count

“The care my mum has had at St Helena has been incredible; I don’t think I can describe it. Everyone I have met has just been like an angel, just so kind. Everything has been thought through and they have a plan for everything.”

The great thing about receiving hospice care is their attention to detail, there's a plan in place for every aspect of care. Hospices can quite often be a sanctuary for people, providing not only comfort but also safety.

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Commendations from a grateful family

Fran has been deeply moved by the exceptional care at St Helena. She commends the hospice for the incredible work they've done for her mum. The staff, at every level, have demonstrated kindness and compassion not only to her mum, but also to Fran and her family.

What might have initially been an uncertain admission for the family turned into a 'wow' experience - a place not of sadness but of embracing life and cherishing each day.

“We did not really know what to expect when mum was admitted but ‘wow’ is the best word. So welcoming to all. Not a place of sadness but of enjoying life and living each day to its best.”

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The little details that matter

“It’s the little details that impressed me the most. The ability to take beds outside so she can feel the breeze on her skin. The beautiful lake with fish food to distract the children. The beautiful gardens, an opportunity to just take a breath.”

All these thoughtful touches contribute to creating a nurturing environment. From pony visits to baby goats and even a whippy ice cream machine, St Helena Hospice goes above and beyond. Creating an atmosphere where life is celebrated, and every day is embraced.

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A meaningful way to support

Playing the Your Hospice Lottery isn't just a game of chance; it's a meaningful way to actively support your local hospice and contribute to the exceptional care they provide. As someone who has witnessed the positive impact firsthand, Fran encourages everyone to consider joining the lottery - just £1 a week can make a world of difference. Together, we can help hospices continue to be a haven of compassion and comfort for those facing incurable illness and bereavement, making every moment matter.


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