Giving Tuesday

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Each year, Giving Tuesday is a day for charities to really shout about the importance of the help of their local communities and the general public to help with their own missions and success. 

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By playing Your Hospice Lottery to support your chosen hospice, our players are giving continually every single week. A regular income that hospices can truly rely on and play for the future with, knowing they have their trustworthy and dedicated lottery players helping each and every week with their £1 lottery play. 

Even when lives are busy, YOU can still make a difference. By coming together as a community to support the causes close to your heart can make a huge impact to those who need it most. Securing comfort, compassion, and dignity for those facing death.

With the economic challenges we as a sector are facing, these acts of generosity will ensure that we will still be here in the years to come. 

Right now, the challenge is very real due to sky rocketing costs. Did you know, Hospice UK has stated there is a combined planned deficit of £186 million for UK hospices this year? Many hospices will have to cut services in the next year without further funding. With these finances being stretched so much, we know that by playing the lottery in support of your local hospice, it really does help to ensure that they can provide the services needed for your community. We simply couldn’t do this with out the incredible support of our generous players!

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This Giving Tuesday, let’s embrace the thrill of the lottery with a compassionate twist, turning every ticket into a token of hope and comfort for those in hospice care.

By paying £4.34 for 1 play in the weekly draw, £8.68 for 2 games or £13.02 for 3, this really provides an affordable yet also fun way to support your local hospice, and you also have the chance to win something too!


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