How Much Love can be Found in a Pound?

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A one-pound coin, a nicker, or maybe a spondoolie, whatever you call it… Just how much love is inside it?

Surely it can’t be much, weighing just 8.75 grams, barely 3cms thick and covered in nickel plated brass alloy.

How far can your £1 go?

Our quid coin was a replacement for the paper £1 banknote, which had a life expectancy of just six months. Since its launch, our lowly sheckle has sported scores of different designs, filling up or pockets and purses since 1983.

Back then, a single £1 coin could get you a box of twenty JPS king size, extra mild or maybe three cans of Kestral from your local off-licence. There shouldn’t be much love found in a packet of ciggies or a few tins of lager.

But here we are almost forty years later in 2022, what can you get with a single nugget now? Perhaps the froth off the top of a fancy coffee in town, maybe use it to unlock a shopping trolley at the supermarket. Or what about not even giving it a second glance as it gathers dust in the center console of your car, simply waiting to be used in an overpriced carpark ticket machine. But, we know that little one-pound coin is worth much, much more and is simply bursting with love. If you use it to do something incredibly special.

Make your pound shine

By playing our lottery you choose where you want your donation to go, by picking one of the amazing causes that we support. Then your £1 gets the opportunity to shine, as if it’s made of solid gold and is used to its full potential.

Yes, by playing our lottery you get the opportunity to win one of many prizes. But, the real winners are those that you choose to support. Your donation provides a vital lifeline for members of your local community, people and their families that need our care the most. Without your support, charity partners simply wouldn’t be able to help as many people as they do.

Make a smile lottery helps many charities across the UK. Click the button below to see the list of all the charities that we support.

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The next time you glance at that little nickel plated coin, don’t think what you can’t do with it; think of all the amazing things you can!

So just how much love is inside your priceless £1 coin?

If you want to use your pound coin to share the love, why not sign up to make a smile lottery in support of your chosen cause?

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