International Lottery Day

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International Lottery Day - 27th August

Lotteries are played all around the world and everybody loves the idea of winning! They have captivated people for centuries fuelling dreams of instant wealth and unimaginable possibilities. It is exciting waiting for the draw to be run and to see if you are a lucky winner. Most people play the lottery for the chance of winning a life changing amount that can help make yours and your families lives better for many many years to come. 

However, playing Your Hospice Lottery is different. 

“Can't praise the hospice enough they were such a great help to my dad and husband.”

“Thank you for all the good work, I'm so grateful for the hospice more than you will ever know.”

“I’m playing in memory of my sister who had wonderful care at my local hospice.”

“Playing the lottery is the least I could do. You looked after my dad so well, I could never repay you!”

Playing to support your local hospice and giving back to this charity week in week out, gives many of our supporter’s all the enjoyment they need. Knowing they are supporting a hospice that they may have their own personal connection with, or supporting the hospice in their own local community that provides the most amazing care to those around them, can really mean the world to our players. 

Winning isn’t out of the question though! 

We may not make you millionaires, but you still have a great chance to win big! Your Hospice Lottery is a fun and easy way to support on a regular basis. Winning sure does feel nice but playing means you are helping people in the local community facing incurable illness and bereavement. 

Odds of winning

Our odds of winning are one of the highest around, with 1 in 344 tickets entered into the draw will win a prize. We are proud to give 217 lucky chances each week to get that thrill of being a winner! Our rollover builds to £25,000 too. What would you do with this amazing prize pot? 

1 in 344 tickets entered into the Your Hospice Lottery Draw will win a prize

Thanks from our winners!

"Wow oh my god! I support Salisbury because my friend had cancer and received treatment there. I can’t believe it!"

"Oh lovely, thank you, that's very handy. Nice to have something with the way the world is right now. I signed up years ago, however things got tight, but started up again. I just like to support as it is a nice charity and it effects at least 1 in most familys."

“Oh my goodness! Thank you very much, what a very nice surprise. That's lovely. I support Weldmar because my husband passed away in the hospice in  1998 after being in there 4 days.”

“Oh my goodness! That is good news! I may buy something for the house and  spoil the dogs. I support KEMP hospice because it's local.  But I lost my mum 11 years ago. She went there for few days a week to do activities, and they were very helpful. An affordable way of doing good, giving back, but in for the thrill of being able to win each week!”

“You are joking I never win anything! I am over the moon this has really brightened up my day.”

An affordable way to support

A £1 per play game is cheaper than most and you know exactly where your money is going too as you can choose the hospice charity you want to support! We have partnered with 17 hospices around the United Kingdom who truly rely on this source of income from their dedicated supporters playing the weekly lottery. It really is a win win situation! You don’t know when you will need your local hospice, and by supporting it by playing the lottery each week, your local services will be here in the future too. 

 Do you fancy playing a game that is loved all over the world?

Sign up to Your Hospice Lottery and support your local hospice today. 




Draw closes in:
02 Days
13 Hrs
06 Min
36 Sec