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Hospice Care

When you think of a hospice, what comes to mind?

It is often assumed that a hospice is a sad place that people go to when they are nearing the end of life. People rarely realise just what a hospice can do until they have experienced it themselves.

Hospice care is about helping people transition through life’s most difficult journey, treating them as an individual rather than a number in a hospital bed. Making them feel as comfortable as possible and allowing them to treasure every moment with their families.

St Helena Hospice nurse smiling

That is why our hospice partners work tirelessly to create magical memories for the patients in their care.

Making the most of every second

Our hospice partner, St Helena Hospice, make it their priority to help each and every patient in their care. Giving them the chance to make the most of the precious time they have left. So, when patients have something special they want to experience, the team go above and beyond to make it happen.

A special visitor

Shaun, a patient staying at St Helena Hospice, had wanted to meet a shire horse ever since he could remember. To brighten his day and make his dream a reality, the hospice arranged for a very special visit. Beautiful 16-year-old Nelly popped into the hospice to say hi. The 17 hands in height horse was kindly accompanied by Hollie and her friend all the way from Dartford.

Shaun said: “What a wonderful day; a dream come true from when I was little. She was beautiful. It’s something I wanted to do for years but I never got to it so I thought I’d take my chance while I could, and you guys provided that which I will be eternally thankful for.”

And Shaun’s wife Sam agreed: “It’s just amazing to see him smile. He hasn’t smiled for a while so just to see his smile was brilliant. It was something we were going to do together but never got around to it, so the fact that Nelly came to see him was just beautiful. I’m humbled and very, very thankful.”

Shaun and his wife smiling next to a shire horse

Magical moments like that can make all the difference when you are nearing the end of life. Giving you something that puts a smile on your face is incredible not only for yourself, but for your family.

A chance to ride

The hospice didn’t stop there. Mary, a patient being cared for by the hospice at home team, dreamed of riding a horse again. She hadn’t had the opportunity to do this since she was a little girl.

Clinical nurse special Abi, who works in the hospice in the home team, wanted to change this. Giving Mary the chance to make the most of every moment, she arranged for a special outing with horse Mulan. 

Mary was able to spend the afternoon riding Mulan, cheered on by her fiancé John and her friends. Allowing her to enjoy this incredible experience.

Female hospice patient smiling with her husband at a horse stable

So much more than you know

A hospice is so much more than you could ever imagine. Going the extra mile to support those facing incurable illness and bereavement. Holding your hand every step of the journey. Allowing you to die with dignity and in maximum comfort.

They may not be able to add days to your life, but they can make sure every day is treasured.

You can help St Helena Hospice continue to make magical moments

St Helena Hospice receive only 1/3 of their funding through the NHS, which means they rely on the generosity of the local community to provide the remaining 2/3.

For only £1 per week, you can help others just like Shaun and Mary by playing Your Hospice Lottery

To find out more about how St Helena Hospice support those in need in the local community, visit their website below.



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