Making a Difference

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Staff Nurse Hayley tells us why she plays our Lottery 

Hayley Cole, a staff nurse of over 14 years at Cynthia Spencer Hospice, is dedicated to raising funds to help her patients and their families.   

It’s a place she cares deeply about – she has run marathons, has walked through fire and organised glamorous balls to raise money, as well as playing Your Hospice Lottery in support of the Hospice. She explains:  

‘I love the place! I started out at Cynthia Spencer Hospice as a student nurse and just knew I’d come back to work here – and I did just under two years later! ’ 

‘I’ve always had the belief that we can’t change the fact that our patients have been given a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness. But I think we can make such a difference and make it slightly easier for patients and their families, their friends and their pets. One lady who was really poorly and couldn’t get out of bed really wanted to see her two cats. We took her into the chapel in her bed, for her daughter to bring her cats in. They fell asleep on her bed and the lady died the next day; she got her wish to see her cats again.’  

‘I can’t imagine ever doing anything else. I still feel, and I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I still feel it is a privilege to work here after 13 and a half years. I’m very lucky.’ 

‘I play the lottery in support of Cynthia Spencer Hospice – it does something for so little but still makes a massive difference, so it’s the least I can do really. For the sake of just a few pounds a month – and there’s a chance you can get something back yourself as well – a little bit of money makes such a massive difference to our patients. We have to raise thousands and thousands and those few pounds make a really big difference.’  


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