St Helena Bring the Beach to the Hospice

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A Dying Wish

If you were dying, what would you wish for?

In memory of heart

St Helena Hospice support people facing death every day. They help them come to terms with the fact they only have a limited amount of time left, and help them make the most of every precious moment.

The Bucket List

When accepting that you are nearing the end of life, many patients come to terms with this in different ways. Everyone has different goals they want to achieve before they die. Some want to tick off exotic places on their bucket list, whilst others simply want to spend time with their family.

However, as it moves closer, it is not always possible to do exactly what you want. Sometimes the severity of symptoms can make it more challenging to go exactly where you want to go and do what you want to do.

A Trip to the Seaside

One of St Helena’s patients always loved visits to the seaside, but was unable to make the trip to the coast. So, St Helena brought the beach to them! 

The hospice arranged the sand to be delivered from the beach. Pie and mash was collected from their favourite shop in Walton-on-the-Naze. They even brought a rescue donkey called Sam, from Riffhams Donkeys, who later visited all the patients.

You don’t know what a hospice can do until you need them. It’s moments like this that make every moment matter for a patient. Being able to experience the beach when you are not strong enough to visit yourself is just incredible.

Donkey at St Helena Hospice

Give Back

St Helena rely on the support of the local community to raise two thirds of their funding. Without this support they wouldn’t be able to help grant patients last wishes and help them spend their last moments in dignity.

You can play Your Hospice Lottery for only £1 per week to help them continue to provide these life-changing services. They may not be able to add days to life, but they can add life to days.


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