Thank You Day 2023

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A Day to Say Thank You

Thank you. Those two words don’t take much to say but mean the world. 

Thank You Day began with a handful of organisations looking for a way to enable us all to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone and everything that helped us through the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the campaign has only got bigger and bigger and it has helped make communities feel more united. 

Charities have struggled with another tough year with rising bills and extra challenges, but with families, friends, and communities all clubbing together we can all get through this. 

A Million Ways to Say Thank You

Whether you’re thanking your local charity for the amazing care they provided to someone you know. 

Thanking the nurse who was with you holding your hand when you was scared. 

Hospice nurse and patient

Thanking your neighbour for helping you with getting your groceries. 

Thanking your family for the love and support they have given you. 

Husband and wife saying thank you

Thanking your colleague for their advice when you needed it most. 

Thanking your best friend for looking out for you. 

Best friends thanking each other

Saying thank you means a lot to so many who are doing good in this world, and it really doesn't take much to show your appreciation. 

Our supporters THANK their local hospice by playing the lottery

“Thank you for all the good work, I'm so grateful for the hospice, more than you will ever know.”

Ryan* playing Your Hospice Lottery to support Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice Liverpool.

"My husband is receiving care in the hospice at the moment and it is the least I can do! I cannot thank you enough for what you do. You really don’t know what a hospice can mean to you until you need them!"

Sarah* playing Your Hospice Lottery to support St Helena Hospice

Couple thanking each other

“They've recently looked after my partner, she has passed away now but they did such an amazing job and I'm so thankful.”

John* playing Your Hospice Lottery to Support Salisbury Hospice Charity

Our winner’s THANK us for making them a winner

“Oh wonderful. This is a wonderful thing to support and wonderful to have won something. Thank you. I never expected to win!”

Susan, £1000 Your Hospice Lottery winner, playing to support Weldmar Hospicecare

“Fantastic! Thank you, we have just had a baby so will be buying little bits and pieces.”

Liam, £250 Your Hospice Lottery winner, playing to support St Helena Hospice.     

“Well, I’m very shocked with this win. I feel very grateful for this, thank you!”

John, £1,000 Your Hospice Lottery winner, playing to support Salisbury Hospice Charity.


We are saying a HUGE thank you to our wonderful lottery supporters. Without you and your monthly lottery commitment, we couldn’t do the fantastic work we do with our charity partners up and down the UK. You are incredible and your £1 lottery play is making a huge difference for now and the future.

Your Hospice Lottery staff saying thank you

Say a great big thank you this Thank You day. 

*Names changed to protect identity. 


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