Want to see growth? We can help you!

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Have an existing lottery but struggling to grow this? We want to help you!

Your Hospice Lottery, no cost, no risk and no stress!

Your Hospice Lottery has over 20 year’s experience in supporting partners to grow their income via our lottery and the established relationships we have with our fundraising agencies up and down the country allows us to continue to facilitate growth.

Transferring your players to us generally means an instant boost of income to your hospice during these difficult times. (*)

There is absolutely no cost to you transferring your existing lottery and starting the partnership with us.

Hospice lotter partnership

Working Together in Partnership

We take care of the investment, the admin, the IT, the marketing, the recruitment – everything needed to grow – so the risk sits with us…not you! This helps to free up your resources to focus on other income growth for your hospice.

Covid-19 and the economic uncertainties have made income generation challenging for charities. When part of Your Hospice Lottery, your lottery plays would be run on our modernised platform. With the outside world facing tough times, players who want to cancel their direct debit can also play to support you with single tickets, helping to keep that connection there with your supporters.

A Charity Helping Others

Being a charity ourselves, we absolutely understand the importance of raising income, brand integrity & reputation.

One of the best things about what we do, is that all profit stays in the Charity Sector. We see our relationship as a partnership, and we will work closely with you to build this avenue of income. As we work to organise all things lottery for you; the resource, skills and time previously used on this can be focused on other essential income streams for your charity.

Lottery prizes

Joining us may also be an increase in your prize pot for your supporters- helping to retain plays and offer an attractive addition to your existing members. There are 203 guaranteed cash prizes a week from £10 to £1000 and a rollover of up to £25,000!

Want to hear more about how we can increase your income through our lottery partnership straight away? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

jill@yhlhospices.org.uk 0800 285 1390

(*) Typically the % that goes to the cause increases for partners that migrate their existing lottery to your hospice lottery


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